Boppy, Original Nursing Pillow & Positioner + Cover + Liner

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Boppy, Original Nursing Pillow & Positioner + Cover + Liner, 

  • 20" x 17" x 7" Original, White/Gray Dots/Lines: like new condition, nursing pillow, includes pillow, white protective liner, cover. Cover is white with gray, gender neutral design, dots, lines; it is machine washable and has a zipper closure; white protective liner is also white and washable with zipped closure. 

By allowing you to be more upright with baby, your arms and back will get a rest. The beltless design allows for an easy, one-handed placement with no fuss and the Miracle Middle® panel provides a seam-free connection with for a more comfortable fit for c-sections. 

Versatile positioning supports the feeding style that works for you and baby. Whether cradle, cross cradle, football hold, or bottle feeding, you will be comfortable. Small enough to fit easily in your rocking chair or glider, but big enough to give the support you need. 

Designed for your baby's adult-supervised, awake-time. This product is not for sleep. Thank you to the millions of parents who trust Boppy.