G06-Finis, Mermaid Monofin Swim Fin

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G06-Finis, Mermaid Monofin Swim Fin, 

The Mermaid monofin instantly transforms any swimmer into a mermaid, completely at home in the great blue. Inspired by the legendary tales and vibrant colors of the sea, the Mermaid monofin encourages young explorers to experience the magic of swimming by combining it with their vivid imaginations. Designed to activate both mind and body, the Mermaid monofin teaches an equal use of up and down kicks like a dolphin, allowing swimmers to gracefully glide like real mermaids. This fin is ideal for swimmers ages 6+ and should only be used under adult supervision.

  • Hot Pink/Green, 
  • SWIM TECHNIQUE TRAINING: Teaches a balanced dolphin kick and builds leg strength; keep legs glued together like a mermaid to keep the fin on, 
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP: Allows for a wide range of sizes, ideal for swimmers ages 6 and up to about 9 years, 
  • NEW AND IMPROVED FOOT STRAP: Quick release allows for safe removal at any time the mermaid wants to grow legs again; if the swimmer starts doing a scissor kick (walking motion) in the water, the fin will come off, 
  • COMFORTABLE RUBBER CONSTRUCTION: Strap and foot pocket made with TPR material to prevent chafing and skin irritation, 
  • REUSABLE MESH BACKPACK: Included bag that is perfect for the beach or pool, 
  • Dimensions : 16.7 x 16 x 3.2 inches,