Osmo, Genius Kit + Coding Awbie Kit + Gen3 iPad and Case STEAM Learning

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Osmo, Genius Kit & Coding Awbie Kit for iPad STEAM Learning, 

  • Used, Both Kids are in Like New, pre-loved condition, child educational learning games, toys. 
  • Includes: Genuis Kit, Coding Awbie Kit, iPad Gen 3, Red case and charger. All is in excellent working condition. 
  • SKILLS LEARNED: Logic, coding fundamentals, basics of programming, solve coding puzzles, teamwork, listening, critical thinking, observation, creative problem solving, music creation & pattern recognition. Osmo sees and reacts to real-life movement. Geared towards children & love of learning. 

Genius Kit:

  • Designed for ages 5–10 years old. Turns core subjects, like math (numbers) and spelling (words), into fearless fun. 
  • Encourages visual thinking (Tangram), problem solving (Newton), and creative drawing skills (masterpiece). 
  • Designed to adjust to kids aged 5-12's skill level. Toy-of-the-year-2015 | time's-best-inventions-of-2014. 
  • Comes with the Osmo base (stand & reflector), plus playing pieces. Requires iPad to play. 


Coding Awbie Kit:

  • Designed for ages 5–10 years old. Transform your tablet into a hands-on coding adventure. 
  • Coding Starter Kit builds coding skills in progression with 3 hands-on learning games. Watch your child learn to code as they connect colorful blocks of code in the physical world to chart the adventure on their screen. 
  • String together commands to guide Awbie on an epic strawbie-munching adventure. Explore 35+ levels including green forests, spooky caves, jungles, sunny beaches, a snowy mountain, and even a volcano! Build problem-solving and logic skills while learning the basic concepts of coding! 
  • Coding Is The Modern Super Power Explore the essential skill for the 21st century and help kids succeed in an increasingly digital world. Give them a headstart with interactive STEAM learning and promote creativity and problem-solving skills along the way. 
  • Research-Based Learning. Teach coding at an age-appropriate pace. Start the adventure in Coding Awbie, create music with Coding Jam, and then show off your advanced skills in Coding Duo! Early learners can begin with games focused on problem-solving and progress to concepts like sequencing and looping. 
  • Build coding skills block by block. Created by a team from TIDAL Lab at Northwestern University, Osmo Coding Starter Kit is inspired by over 50 years of research into computer programming education to keep kids engaged for endless hours! 

iPad and Case:

  • iPad Model A1416, 3rd Generation, Wi-Fi, Capacity 16GB, Year 2012, Black Front Bezel. Red HDE iPad case.